More Challenges Coming Down the Pipeline: 4th Circuit Grants Victory to Green Groups

Building a pipeline is never easy. From planning the route to restoring the pathway, the entire process requires meticulous care, hard work, and even a little luck. These days, the process is more difficult than ever, thanks to the dedicated ingenuity of environmental groups that make it their mission to erect as many regulatory hurdles as possible for pipeline developers.

The most recent example of environmental groups’ success in this arena came last week, when the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit …

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There Goes the Neighborhood — New Study Links Oil and Gas Facilities Near Residential Areas to Increased Health Risks

The Colorado School of Public Health has released a study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, which claims that people living near oil and gas facilities may be subject to a higher risk of cancer and other diseases.

The study was focused on residents of Colorado’s northern Front Range, an area of Colorado experiencing an increase in both human population and development of oil and gas resources. The researchers took air samples from multiple sites in Northern Colorado at various distances from …

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Not Just for Delivering Packages, Drones Prove Critical in Damage Assessment and Disaster Recovery Efforts

Recreational use of drones has been around for several years now, and Amazon has even toyed with its delivery applications. However, in recent months, the application of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) has timely expanded to more practical and even life-saving uses. By August 31, 2017 — just a few days after Hurricane Harvey — the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had issued 43 UAS authorizations to drone operators supporting the response and recovery for Hurricane Harvey or covering it as part of the media, with the …

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